Activated Carbon Injection for Mercury, Dioxin and Furan Emissions

B&W MEGTEC provides powdered activated carbon (PAC) injection technology, a technically and commercially proven approach for mercury control and dioxin/furan emissions reduction. We design and supply this type of activated carbon injection and integrate with other B&W mercury control technologies to provide the lowest operating cost system while staying compliant with mercury emission requirements.

Technology Benefits

  • Low capital, operating and maintenance costs
  • Easy to operate
  • Proven performance

Technology Features

  • Standard or brominated PAC based on sorbent cost and fuel characteristics
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling used to optimize the injection grid design and PAC usage
  • Bulk material storage, handling and transport system includes truck/rail unloading, silo, weigh hopper and feeders, transport air lowers

Design and Operation

Through this activated carbon injection process, powdered activated carbon is injected into the gas. Mercury is adsorbed on the surface of the powdered activated carbon particles. The mercury containing activated carbon particles are separated from the gas stream by a particulate collection device, usually an electrostatic precipitator or a pulse jet fabric filter.

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