AR Match Speed Splicer Manufactured in India for India Market

The B&W MEGTEC AR35-I is a compact flying splicer that is the ideal choice for printers who need maximum performance but only have a minimum amount of space. The automatic splicer is now being built in India specifically for the Indian printing market.

  • Ideal for printers with limited space
  • Capacity to handle reels up to 1070 mm (42") in diameter
  • Designed for right angle installation, basement or inline to press
  • More than one thousand AR models installed globally

Design Features and Performance Advantages

  • Functional design features an optimized "loading window". Even with web speeds of 400 m/min (1300 ft/min), there is more than enough time to remove old reel and load the new
  • Ergonomically simple with the new reel is loaded at floor level for safety
  • Lightweight, expandable reel shaft simplifies reel loading
  • Easy reel preparation, double-sided tape and splice indicator are applied and reel is ready
  • Easy-to-use push buttons, full size touch screen display and signal lamps
  • Easy installation because it is compatible with most new and existing printing presses
  • Easy to retrofit due to compactness and no mechanical attachment to press
  • Acceleration of new reel occurs through acceleration roller; synched with unwinding web, very precise
  • Splicing sequence regulated by PLC
  • Reel is locked into reel arm with bearing caps that are connected to control and safety systems

Contact B&W MEGTEC today to find out how the AR35-I especially designed for the Indian market can help improve your production efficiencies.

AR35-I Automatic Flying Splicer for India Market