Catalyst Sales/Testing/Reclamation


B&W MEGTEC can help you with reclamation of your used catalyst.

Do you have old drums, containers or even oxidizers containing VOC catalyst? B&W MEGTEC can have it picked up at your loading dock with no need to worry about hazardous material disposal, shipping documentation or transportation arrangements. We take care of that for you! And, we will compensate you for its value based on current precious metal values and catalyst condition.

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When your catalyst needs replacement, turn to B&W MEGTEC. We work with your staff to determine what type of replacement catalyst is best for your specific application. We’ll help you figure out how much catalyst you need, and if required, retrofit your unit to accept the new catalyst.

B&W MEGTEC catalysts achieve conversion efficiencies greater than 99% in most applications - well above regulatory requirements. B&W MEGTEC catalysts get you into compliance and ensure that you will stay in compliance longer.

Your entire operation can depend on the performance of your VOC control system. It pays to be sure your catalytic oxidizer is ready to do its job.

Testing Services

Routine testing of your catalyst is a cost-effective way to ensure uninterrupted operation of your oxidizer and to document its performance. When coupled with an annual preventive maintenance check, catalyst testing can verify that a unit is in compliance. Many government environmental regulators now accept this as validation that your system is meeting performance requirements. This can be much less expensive than costly stack tests.

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