Process and Environmental Solutions for Cement Manufacturing Processes

With the well-known and respected TurboSonic products, we continue to provide innovation and solutions for process enhancements and environmental challenges. From equipment to full turnkey solutions, you can depend on our high performing and competitive systems.

SoniCool Evaporative Gas Cooling & Conditioning Systems

A cornerstone of our reputation is in precise and reliable evaporative cooling and conditioning of gases throughout the cement manufacturing process. Using the SoniCool system, downstream equipment is protected and provides enhanced air pollution control performance, reducing gas volumes and even increasing production capacity. Our systems are implemented in downcomer ducts or gas conditioning towers before a fabric filter or electrostatic precipitator (ESP), in-duct before the ID fan to reduce buildup, upstream of cyclones, and at clinker coolers.

TurboSorb Spray Dryer Absorber (SDA)

Our extensive scrubber experience applies to the cement manufacturing process for the effective control of SO2 and HCl by the injection of lime slurry. Our customers can achieve up to 90% reduction of SO2 and 98% reduction of HCl, using microfine or standard lime. The TurboSorb spray dryer absorber (SDA) can often retrofit into an existing gas conditioning tower, or downcomer duct, to avoid the high-cost of new capital equipment.


For applications where cement kiln nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions need to be reduced, we offer TurboNOx selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) systems. Using ammonia or urea, our custom designed solutions use direct injection of the ammonia or urea solution for reactions at optimal temperatures to reduce emissions to within compliance levels. The injection rate is precisely controlled to meet requirements from 25 to 70% and in some cases as much as 90% reduction of NOx with minimal slip.


For waste fuel combustion, grinding, aid and mill cooling, the SonicBURN waste fuel systems atomize almost any liquid fuel, from heavy tars to engine oil, usually without changing the nozzle.

With innovative design features for high efficiency emissions control, our patented products are designed to outperform regulatory requirements. Improvements in performance and energy efficiency can be achieved. Operating costs can be reduced and valuable by-products can be recovered.

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