Industrial Environmental Compliance Solutions for Chemical and Pharmaceutical Applications

The application of right emission control equipment for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the customer’s process and requirements, and having the ability to offer custom solutions. B&W MEGTEC offers a range of solutions including solvent recovery and distillation systems, thermal oxidizers, scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters.

Carbon adsorption systems, both regenerative and non-regenerative, are used to capture vapor-phase emissions of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) solvents from solvent using processes, stopping them from being emitted to the atmosphere, thus meeting environmental laws and regulations.

In a regenerative carbon adsorption system, the solvents are adsorbed on activated carbon, and when the carbon is saturated, it is regenerated with steam to then be condensed, recovering the solvent. Non-water miscible solvents can often be reused without further processing. Water miscible solvents can often be distilled and purified with B&W MEGTEC’s distillation equipment, to make them suitable for reuse. Thus a B&W MEGTEC solvent recovery system creates two benefits to its customers, compliance with environmental laws and regulations and savings from the reuse of the solvents.

B&W MEGTEC regenerative and direct thermal oxidizers are used to abate vapor-phase VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions to meet the most stringent EU and global environmental emission limits and regulations. Our systems are used on applications where emissions are released from batch processes from vessel reactors, tablet coating, primary and secondary pharmaceutical processes, petrochemical and chemical processes.

B&W MEGTEC also provides stand-alone distillation systems to purify waste water to make it suitable for disposal, eliminating high disposal costs, or to separate solvents and purify them.

Our supply and installation scope can include turnkey scope with vent collection systems, vent conditioning with LEL dilution control, pre- and post-oxidation scrubbing for acid gas removal, flame arrestors, explosion relief, particulate removal, CEMs (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems), with the associated project HazOp, SIL reviews and project documentation packages that this market sector often demands.

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