Industrial Coating, Laminating and Saturating

B&W MEGTEC provides custom and hybrid, contact-free, energy-efficient dryers and ovens for traditional converting markets and in emerging markets for new, advanced materials.

The key to successful drying of ink or coatings is choosing the nozzle technology that best suits the requirements of the process. The knowledge and understanding of balancing the heat transfer with web handling characteristics is critical. It is the control of drying rates that do not disturb the coating and it is the knowledge and experience of web conveyance that puts B&W MEGTEC at the leading edge.

B&W MEGTEC dryers can be built in horizontal, vertical, or arched configurations depending on the specific product and space requirements, and incorporate energy-saving features, easy threading and maintenance access. Separate web drying and air handling modules accommodate the most basic design to nearly an unlimited number of configurations with regard to web width, zone configurations and machine layout.

Designs can include different types of heat sources, zone lengths, web widths and nozzle configurations, while providing superior drying, curing and web handling.

High-efficiency heat sources and advanced air flow management conserve energy to minimize operating costs. Whether the customer operates with gas, thermal oil, steam or electricity, B&W MEGTEC has a heating system designed for these requirements.

In addition, B&W MEGTEC offers a wide range of infrared (IR) configurations to meet the demands of a variety of products and applications. These include systems designed for complete drying, preheating, pre-drying, fusing, curing and profiling. By combining the correct wavelength infrared and optimizing the control system, precise process conditions can be achieved to maximize product quality in the most efficient manner. B&W MEGTEC can also combine infrared with flotation and/or impingement drying systems to enhance the performance of the overall drying or curing process.

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