Complete Coating Lines

As markets such as the lithium-ion battery industry mature, pressure to decrease costs mounts. For example, battery manufacturers are seeking to lower material as well as processing costs. The traditional approach for battery electrode manufacture is to coat one side at a time, thus requiring two passes through the coating line. A more efficient method is to coat both sides in a single pass. This can be accomplished in two different ways:

1) Sequential or tandem coating system or

2) Simultaneous two side coating

B&W MEGTEC has pioneered and successfully implemented simultaneous two-side horizontal, free-span coating. The benefits of simultaneous two side coating are:

  • Twice the throughput compared to single side coaters
  • Smaller line footprint than tandem line
  • Lower capital cost and operating cost than tandem coating line
  • Particles not trapped at coating point (no streaks, no foil breaks)
  • Fewer problems with wrinkles at coating point

To achieve simultaneous two-side horizontal, free-span coating, B&W MEGTEC brings innovation to the slot die coating system. In addition, our flotation drying technology is an integral part of this system.

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