Drying and Material Handling Systems, Environmental Solutions for Composites and Carbon Fiber

B&W MEGTEC provides its customers who are manufacturing thermoset composites, with environmental compliance solutions for processes that emit hazardous gases. B&W MEGTEC offers regenerative thermal oxidizers, solvent recovery, distillation and purification systems. B&W MEGTEC also offers waste heat recovery packages to “close the energy loop” between pollution controls and the process, in order to reduce production costs and increase customer profits.

B&W MEGTEC offers process development in our R&D Center located in the De Pere, Wisconsin facility, as well as customized roll-to-roll lines for R&D or production. B&W MEGTEC supports the development of new thermoplastic materials by providing customers a flexible pilot line for initial tests and process definition. Once a process is defined, B&W MEGTEC designs and builds the production line to meet the unique process requirements.

B&W MEGTEC has a thorough and unique understanding of the process for even the toughest drying and material handling applications such as slow-drying coatings and materials or thin film coating and laminating. Dryers can be equipped with a wide variety of nozzle configurations ranging from simple slot nozzles to sophisticated Coanda-style air bars and patented air foil systems. A full range of heat sources are available including steam, direct and indirect gas-fired, thermal oil, electric, hot water and IR. In addition, the air handling systems can be integrated into the dryer enclosure or stand alone for remote installation.

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