Separation and Purification Technology for Waste Solvent Recovery

B&W MEGTEC designs, builds and installs distillation systems to separate water and solvent, and solvents from each other. These can be continuous or batch processes, as well as vacuum, atmospheric or pressure, depending on the solvents and purities required.

These systems are suitable to:

  • Treat the effluent from a regenerable carbon adsorption solvent recovery system
  • Separate solvent mixtures into individual solvents in chemical, pharmaceutical, and other specialty industries to make them suitable for recycle, and reuse
  • Remove solvent contaminants from waste water to make the water suitable for disposal, saving hazardous waste disposal cost or surcharge cost

Design Features and Performance Advantages

  • Designs are based on very long-term experience and expertise
  • 3D design to maximize operability and maintainability
  • Distillation column internals are optimized for the specific application (random packing, structured packing, floating and fixed valve trays
  • Heat recovery to minimize operating costs
  • Pre-assembly on skids to minimize installation time and cost

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