Customized Industrial Dryers and Ovens

At the core of B&W MEGTEC’s history as the recognized leader in providing non-contact flotation dryers and ovens, is its 45+ years of experience, more than 100 patents and thousands of dryer installations worldwide.

B&W MEGTEC is the recognized leader in providing drying and curing technologies for roll-to-roll processing applications such as advanced battery materials, coating, composites, solar films, membranes, flexible packaging, coil coating, converting, printing, electronics, nonwovens, and other industries.

In the web offset and digital printing market, B&W MEGTEC is synonymous with the development of flotation dryers and integrated dyers and oxidation systems. The result is optimum printing performance, minimized energy and waste costs while meeting the strictest environmental requirements.

B&W MEGTEC designs and manufactures drying and conditioning equipment for webs at any speed and any width. Our innovative flotation air bar systems transport webs contact free without web shift. B&W MEGTEC flotation dryers float and dry webs on substrates ranging from the thinnest film, foil, paper, and other flexible and advanced materials, as well as heavy metal.

Contact B&W MEGTEC for more information on flotation web dryers and ovens and learn how you can save energy costs in the process.

Coating, Laminating, Saturating
B&W MEGTEC provides custom, hybrid, contact-free, energy-efficient dryers and ovens.
B&W MEGTEC offers superior drying and web handling, while saving energy costs.