Industrial Drying and Coating Systems

B&W MEGTEC continues to pioneer the engineering and development of non-contact flotation dryers and ovens. Its 45+ years of experience, more than 100 patents, and thousands of dryer installations worldwide confirm its leadership position as a world-class supplier of drying and curing systems for industrial applications.

Our solutions include custom designed and built dryers and ovens for traditional converting markets, as well as in emerging markets for new and advanced materials. These can include convection air, infrared, UV, or a combination of technologies. In addition, for applications like the production of lithium-ion battery electrodes, B&W MEGTEC supplies complete coating lines.

In the traditional graphic arts printing industry, B&W MEGTEC pioneered drying and conditioning equipment, as well as web-handling and splicing equipment. As such, it is long-recognized as a global leader with thousands of installations on newspaper, magazine, commercial, and book printing presses. Today, B&W MEGTEC leverages this engineering heritage in the digital printing market.

B&W MEGTEC offers an in-house pilot line complete with drying and coating capabilities for process development and testing.

Contact B&W MEGTEC to discuss your drying and coating needs for new equipment or for optimizing and rebuilding your existing equipment.
Dryers & Ovens
B&W MEGTEC offers a wide range of custom convection or hybrid styles of dryers/ovens.
Specialized Coating Systems
Complete turnkey solutions for the production of advanced web-based materials.
Material Handling Systems
Increased productivity and reduced waste are benefits of our automatic splicers and rewind systems.