Specialized Coating Lines and Environmental Compliance Solutions for Electronics Applications

B&W MEGTEC meets and exceeds the continuous demand for technology and innovation in the fast-changing electronics industry with its need for new materials and products, demand for 100% uptime, smooth production operation, with many applications in clean-room environments. Though the end products have changed over the years, we still say “the bottom line is process knowledge.” That means our knowledge and expertise is founded in our core expertise – we have the knowledge that we apply to long-standing markets as well as new markets still in the developmental stages.

B&W MEGTEC's expertise includes coating lines for lithium-ion battery electrodes and air pollution abatement systems. B&W MEGTEC works either directly with the end-user or through engineering firms or contractor companies, offering tested package systems as required. Our end user list includes most of the world's most well known companies involved in the manufacture of ceramic condenser/capacitors, thin film FCCL, solar film backsheets, and plasma and LCD screen makers in Japan, Taiwan and China. We have the breadth of technologies in our portfolio and with our strong engineering design capabilities, collaborate from each of our global facilities for review and recommendation for your specific application. B&W MEGTEC’s modular RTO systems handle VOC emissions from single or multiple sources with strict flow control. Our product offering also includes Carbon Adsorption Solvent Recovery and Distillation systems – a solution that makes sense especially when expensive or large volumes of solvents are being used in the process. Whether the installation is located in Asia, Europe or in America, we have the regionally accepted solution. B&W MEGTEC is well positioned to offer the right solution to any future demand from the electronics-related materials production and industry.

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