B&W MEGTEC Electrode Manufacturing
Li-Ion Battery Electrode Manufacturing Process

Complete Li-Ion Battery Electrode Manufacturing Process from Dürr MEGTEC

By complementing our technology with that of world-class partners, Dürr MEGTEC offers a turnkey battery electrode plant. Hover over the numbers and text to learn more about each unit operation.     

B&W MEGTEC Battery Electrode Manufacturing

Calendering / Roll Pressing

  • Integrate inline with simultaneous 2-side
    coating process to improve efficiency and
    reduce cost
  • Work with the right partner for the project

Coating & Drying

Tensioned Web Coating + Flotation Drying

= Simultaneous 2-side coating

  • Lower costs
  • Improved quality
  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved productivity
  • Manufacturing flexibility

NMP Recovery & Purification

  • Recover and re-use NMP on-site
  • >99% recovery rate 
  • Purify to Electronic Grade specifications
  • Save $2/kg

Powder Handling

  • Super-sack unloading
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Loss-in-weight feeding
  • Small- to large-volume systems

Process Development

  • Dürr MEGTEC will demonstrate the
    process before order
  • During project, process development
    trials will establish and confirm process
    parameters to prepare for start-up
  • Significantly reduce the  time and cost
    to reach high-yield production

Project Management

  • Dürr MEGTEC offers world-class, comprehensive
    project management from order to commissioning
  • Customer engagement during design and fabrication, 
    culminating in Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Turnkey installation (if desired) and commissioning
  • After commissioning, ongoing support provided as needed

Quality Control

  • Manufacturing process data and product
    measurements transferred from mixing to slitting
    with  full traceability
  • Measuring and controlling key process parameters;
    for example, Slurry Rheology, Coat Weight, Physical
    Quality, Thickness, etc.

Secondary Drying

  • Continuous roll-to-roll drying provides
    higher consistency, improved quality
    and greater productivity
  • Designed to meet the customer’s specific
    product requirements


  • Flexible systems to adjust to multiple
    product widths
  • Work with the right partner for the project

Slurry Mixing

  • Binder mixing
  • Slurry mixing & degas
  • Batch to continuous processes by
    working with the right partner for the project

Benefits of Dürr MEGTEC Solution

Manufacturing solutions for optimizing battery electrode production with simultaneous 2-sided coating enabled by the Dürr MEGTEC tensioned-web coating system. 

Dürr MEGTEC’s simultaneous 2-side coating systems provide many benefits, the complete electrode plant increases these benefits by translating them to all process steps.

Improved Quality


  • Two-sided coating coupled with flotation drying offers:
    • Improved Side A to Side B alignment 
    • No edge curl after drying
    • Drying consistency for improved yield
    • Reduced wrinkles due to flotation drying

Lower total costs

  • Simplified process design requires lower capital investment.  In addition, simultaneous two-sided coating with inline calendering/roll pressing reduces operating costs: 
    • Heating only 1 dryer
    • Fewer operators
    • Less material waste
    • Increased yield
  • Ask us to prepare a cost model for your operation.

Simplified factory layout/material flow

  • With a straight-path product flow and single-level machine:
    • The factory layout can be linear 
    • Direct slurry piping to a single coating station
    • Reduced coating-area floor space   

Request a Cost Model

Ask us to prepare a cost model for your operation and see where improvements can be made:

Powder Handling

No-mess powder handling

The Dürr MEGTEC system includes an unloading station for super-sacks, pneumatic conveying of powder to hoppers, loss-in-weight screw feeders for precise delivery of powder to the mixing system. The unloading station and pneumatic conveyor are segregated from the mix room, ensuring any airborne powder is contained, which keeps the mix room clean.       


B&W MEGTEC Powder Handling

Mixing Systems

B&W MEGTEC Slurry Mixing

Dürr MEGTEC can meet your preferences, or recommend the best solution for your project, from R&D to mass production.  

Technologies offered include:

  • Planetary dispersing mixers from 2 liters to 1500 liters
  • Semi-continuous dispersing systems from 1 to 960 liters/hr
  • Continuous mixing systems from 20 to 1000 kg/hr

Coating & Drying

Dürr MEGTEC has pioneered and successfully implemented simultaneous two-sided horizontal, tensioned web coating.

Tensioned Web Coating + Flotation Drying = Simultaneous Two-Sided Coating 

The benefits of simultaneous two-sided coating are:

  • Lower costs
  • Simplified factory layout
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality from no edge curl, high dimensional accuracy, and lowest coat-weight tolerances
  • Improved process flexibility
  • Allows for inline calendering/roll pressing


B&W MEGTEC Battery Electrode Manufacturing Coating & Drying

Calendering / Roll Pressing

B&W MEGTEC Calendering / Roll Pressing

The simultaneous two-sided coating method facilitates inline calendering/roll pressing as a more efficient process. We can provide inline systems or the traditional stand-alone roll press/calender that meets your process requirements.  

From narrow widths for product development to wide widths for mass production, Dürr MEGTEC together with our partners can provide the right solution for your products and process needs.  
Summary of specifications include:

  • Width: 250 mm to 1300 mm
  • Hot or cold pressing
  • Inline thickness control



Dürr MEGTEC can meet your width requirements with flexible machines for multiple products.  

Features include:

  • Individual friction shafts
  • Tangential shear cutting method
  • Cassette system for setting knife offline to minimize changeover time
  • Speeds up to 50 m/min with lay-on roll


B&W MEGTEC Slitting

NMP Recovery

Solvent Recovery for any Scale

Proprietary solvent recovery systems from Dürr MEGTEC effectively remove, recover, and purify solvents from coating-line exhaust air streams.

For high volumes, adding a purification system makes it possible to produce electronic-grade NMP and allow immediate re-use onsite. The typical recovery rate is > 99% and savings of $2/kg can be achieved.      

Secondary Drying

Dürr MEGTEC offers a continuous roll-to-roll drying system that eliminates work-in-process storage, increases throughput, and improves drying uniformity.

Features include:

  • Uniform drying of the entire electrode area
  • Tailored to specific chemistry
  • Installed in dry room or pass into dry room
  • Reduced floor space for drying process


B&W MEGTEC Secondary Drying

Quality Control

B&W MEGTEC Quality Control

Dürr MEGTEC offers a fully integrated data capture and management tool that provides complete traceability from raw materials to finished cells.

Inline process control based on:

  • Rheology monitoring
  • Coat weight measurement at multiple locations
  • Physical quality inspection system
  • Thickness measurement and control

This approach results in improved product quality and confidence.


Cost Savings

Dürr MEGTEC’s simpler manufacturing flow and machinery design provides:

  • Reduced utility demand
  • Fewer technicians
    • Two-sided coating:  -1 per shift
    • Inline calendering/pressing: -2 per shift
    • Continuous mixing: -1 per shift
  • Improves quality = higher yield = less waste
  • Simpler factory layout
    • Less material handling
    • Less fixed waste of materials

B&W MEGTEC Cost Savings

Process Development

B&W MEGTEC Process Development

Develop Process & Train Team

During the machine build period, Dürr MEGTEC provides customer-specific process development trials, making it possible to dramatically reduce time from commissioning to full production:

  • Fully train technicians before installation
  • Achieve steady-state production in a shorter time
  • Save time and money 

Project Management

Successful Projects, Each Time, Every Time 

Dürr MEGTEC designs and builds coating lines, it also recommends, specifies and sources other unit operations. The project manager ensures seamless integration of all unit operations, as well as coordinates the process development support for key unit operations prior to delivery of machines. Dürr MEGTEC’s focus from proposal to project close-out is to meet customer needs.

B&W MEGTEC Project Management