Process Energy Optimization & Management

MEGTEC’s industry-leading experience in air handling, drying, heating, cooling, process and combustion control can help to improve the operating efficiency of your facility and maximize the performance of your equipment.

MEGTEC can help improve your operating efficiencies by analyzing current process energy usage and offer solutions to reduce your energy consumption.

Through this process, MEGTEC can:

  • Maintain the equipment to manufacturers specifications
  • Understand the process and obtain baseline energy usage
  • Review the process to reduce airflow and temperature
  • Improve process interface dampers & controls to reduce system demand
  • Investigate energy funding programs and project ROI
  • Investigate system retrofits, controls upgrades, more efficient heat exchangers, new ceramic medias, replace obsolete components
  • Consider secondary heat recovery
  • Investigate potential replacement with new energy efficient system

Contact MEGTEC today to discuss your application and find out how we can help you to optimize your process energy.