Heat Recovery Systems

B&W MEGTEC has the experience required in air handling, drying, heating, cooling, process control, and combustion to improve the operating efficiency of your facility and maximize the performance of your equipment. Some of the benefits you'll realize from B&W MEGTEC's energy optimization programs are:

Improved equipment performance. B&W MEGTEC improves your productivity through process machine enhancements.

Enhanced capacity and efficiency. B&W MEGTEC engineering studies provide vital information you need to make the best decisions on process upgrades and equipment selection in order to ensure maximum process capacity and integration.

Reduced operating costs with heat recovery. B&W MEGTEC can help analyze your current energy usage and recommend ways to reduce consumption. Methods include energy audits and engineering studies to optimize air flow management, implement secondary heat recovery systems, which use heat exchangers, and optimize process and plant heating/cooling systems.

Plant heating and cooling. B&W MEGTEC can provide heat sources (direct, indirect, or semi-indirect), heater boxes, or plenums to satisfy your process heating needs. Steam or hot/chilled water can be supplied through the addition of waste heat boilers or adsorption chillers. In areas where building heat is required, water/glycol systems can be installed to capture heat from the process and used to pre-heat building make-up air.

Find out how B&W MEGTEC can provide solutions to save energy in your process.

Secondary Heat Recovery
We offer stand-alone or integrated secondary and tertiary heat recovery systems.