Customized Coating Lines and Environmental Compliance Solutions for Energy Storage Applications

B&W MEGTEC entered into the energy storage market in 2006. That entry began when a potential customer, who was familiar with B&W MEGTEC’s air flotation drying equipment and R&D Pilot Line capabilities, approached B&W MEGTEC requesting a collaborative effort to develop a simultaneous two-side coating and drying process that did not require a vertical web path through the dryer. Technology previously developed in Asia for simultaneous two-side battery electrode coating dictated the need for a vertical air flotation dryer. The customer did not want a vertical web path dryer because of the substantial building height required and the increased difficulty in providing operator access for tending purposes compared to a dryer with a horizontal web path.

B&W MEGTEC’s engineering and R&D teams developed an innovative coating concept and refined it through extensive testing on B&W MEGTEC’s R&D Pilot Line to perfect a simultaneous two-side coating method that uses a horizontal air flotation dryer instead of a vertical dryer. The B&W MEGTEC process has the benefit that the foil needs to be run only one-time through the coating and drying system to make an electrode. This results in lower cost to manufacture the electrode.

In addition, compared to the traditional tandem coating process which is characterized by coating and drying one side of the foil followed by coating and drying the second side of the foil, the B&W MEGTEC process requires just one coating station and one dryer compared to two of each for tandem coating with all equipment located on the same level of the facility. Tandem coating requires a longer manufacturing line that takes up more factory space. With the B&W MEGTEC coating and drying system, capital and operating cost is less than tandem offerings.

Our coating and drying process offers the battery manufacturer greater throughput, better quality control and elimination of waste. Since B&W MEGTEC’s entry into the lithium-ion battery market, many companies have used B&W MEGTEC’s pilot coating line located in the De Pere, WI world headquarters to test coating formulations and other process parameters before scaling up for full production. The result of the work which began in 2006 is that B&W MEGTEC has since supplied over twenty battery electrode coating lines in North America, Europe and Asia running, at state of the art line speeds.

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