Environmental Compliance Solutions for Industry

B&W MEGTEC designs, manufactures and installs environmental compliance solutions, such as air pollution abatement systems and gas cleaning systems. We also provide environmental compliance services for industrial processes discharging emissions from solvents used in manufacturing processes:

  • for regulatory compliance
  • for improvement in working environments
  • for process energy management
  • for increased profitability and return on investment

We provide specific turnkey environmental compliance solutions for treatment of process gases and exhaust streams, as well as for odor and particulate control applications.

B&W MEGTEC provides a wide range of environmental compliance solutions including:

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B&W MEGTEC provides gas cleaning, pollution abatement, solvent recovery and purification of industrial exhaust streams.
For efficient removal of submicron particulate in industrial exhaust emissions, B&W MEGTEC offers electrostatic precipitators, scrubbers, fabric filters (baghouses).
NOx emissions are effectively reduced with B&W MEGTEC SCR or SNCR systems.
Acid Gases
B&W MEGTEC's spray towers spray dryer absorbers and dry sorbent injection systems offer options for reducing acid gas levels.
Acid Mists
B&W MEGTEC provides WESPs for control of acid mists from your gas stream.
Mercury, Dioxins & Furans
Activated carbon injection and evaporative cooling and conditioning systems are proven approaches for mercury, dioxins and furan reduction.
B&W MEGTEC supplies treatment solutions for odorous industrial air streams for regulatory compliance.
Liquid Solvents
After-recovery distillation systems separate and purify liquid solvents.
Heat Recovery
Heat recovery systems that can help reduce operating costs.
Flue Gas Temperature Control
Atomizing nozzles using finely atomized water in hot gas streams to reduce temperature.