Equipment Modifications and Rebuild Services

B&W MEGTEC offers solutions for rebuilds and repair of your equipment. Product changes and customer requirements can make existing equipment obsolete for its originally intended purpose. This can lead to a difficult decision relative to purchasing new equipment. However, it may be possible to modify your existing equipment to meet new demands. Often, vintage equipment can be repaired, upgraded, retrofitted or even relocated to provide continuous service at a fraction of the cost of new. Equipment can occasionally succumb to corrosion, heat stress or just typical wear and tear. B&W MEGTEC can help to restore your equipment to factory specs or better by incorporating upgrades to obsolete systems or components.

Our technical staff is ready to review your systems and evaluate your needs to help you estimate the cost savings and payback you can realize by making improvements to your equipment.

  • Dryer upgrades and optimization including:
    • Air bar/nozzle upgrades
    • Air handling optimization
    • Drying efficiency improvement
    • Exhaust reduction
    • Dryer heat sources
  • Oxidizer upgrades and optimization including:
    • Heat exchanger replacement
    • RTO heat exchange media upgrades
    • Insulation repair or replacement
    • Catalyst retrofits
    • Control upgrades
    • Burner and burner management upgrades
  • Solvent recovery & distillation system upgrades and optimization:
    • Carbon replacement
    • Controls upgrade
  • WESP and Dry ESP upgrades and optimization:
    • Performance evaluation Internal inspection
  • Other upgrades and optimization including:
    • Drive line upgrade
    • Volume damper replacements with AC drives for better operation and energy reduction
    • Continuous monitoring equipment and LFL sensors to meet operating requirements or reduce energy consumption
    • Splicer upgrades on brake controls, clutch removal, drive upgrades
    • Addition of message and fault trapping systems
    • Digital data monitoring and reporting to eliminate paper chart recorders
    • Exhaust energy reduction systems

Contact B&W MEGTEC today to find an upgrade solution for your existing equipment.