Environmental Compliance Solutions for Ethanol and Biofuel Industries

Controlling the VOCs and CO emissions produced in the feed dryers (wet and dry milling), coupled with the particulate matter being introduced and the need for the reduction of NOx are just the start of having a successful abatement solution.

The challenges of smooth pressure control that reduces dryer fluctuations and plug resistant media that lessen the frequency of bake-outs are also part of a successful abatement system, and we have the solutions.

Our engineered oxidation systems provide reliable performance with minimal maintenance requirements. Externally accessible valve bearings and other critical components are kept out of the corrosive moisture-laden streams extending the life of the equipment and facilitating maintenance intervals.

Our simple oxidizer designs control your emissions with minimal facility intervention and allow us to provide you with reliable and dependable equipment.

These important factors determine your successful abatement project and B&W MEGTEC is part of the solution.

B&W MEGTEC also offers the TurboVenturi scrubber, the Turbotak atomizing spray scrubber, the SonicKleen™ WESP, the TurboSorb Semi Dry Scrubber, and a selection of acid gas absorbing towers for use in a range of ethanol production and biofuel applications.

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