Evaporative Gas Cooling Systems

SoniCool evaporative gas cooling and conditioning systems accurately control the temperature and humidity of high temperature process gas streams, resulting in gas temperatures that do not damage equipment and ductwork, smaller gas volumes, increased capacity and improved efficiency of downstream air pollution control equipment.

Gas Cooling

Incinerator, kiln, or furnace exhaust gases are cooled prior to baghouse filtration, reducing the volume of exhaust gas to be filtered and protecting the baghouse. The water spray evaporates while absorbing heat from the gases. As a result, there is no water effluent to be treated.

Gas Conditioning

SoniCool systems "condition" high resistivity dust particulates (glass, cement, etc.) by raising humidity, enhancing the collection efficiency of baghouses/ESPs.


  • Cement kilns
  • Waste incinerators
  • Non-ferrous smelters
  • Steel mill electric arc furnaces or basic oxygen furnaces


  • Rapid cooling reduces size requirement of the cooling chamber/duct systems and air pollution control equipment
  • Self-cleaning, erosion and plug-resistant nozzles significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime
  • High capacity single and multiple orifice atomizers reduce the number of nozzles/lances required
  • Dry operation eliminates water carryover, refractory spalling, sludge buildup, and water pollution
  • Pre-assembled modules reduce field wiring, piping, and installation costs

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Evaporative Gas Cooling
Finely atomized water is introduced into the hot gas stream to reduce gas temperature.