Industrial Process and Environmental Compliance Solutions

B&W MEGTEC is committed to working with our customers to provide best-value systems. With more than 45 years of experience, we have the process knowledge to understand your industrial application from the process and production line to the end of pipe need for air pollution control.

B&W MEGTEC's extensive experience in providing custom-designed equipment for advanced web-based materials processing is evidenced by our installed base of thousands of dryers, ovens and material handling equipment. We provide convection air, IR, UV or combination dryers and auxiliary mechanical components. For certain applications, we provide complete coating lines.

Our wide range of environmental compliance solutions spans virtually any industry requiring pollution control or gas cleaning.

B&W MEGTEC is your single source for reliable solutions for projects big and small, simple and complex, new or upgrade.

Contact B&W MEGTEC today to discover how we can help with your specific application.

Automotive & Industrial Painting
Read about our reliable solutions for VOC and particulate control for painting and finishing.
Effective control of SO2, NOX and HCl. Effective scrubber and SNCR systems.
Learn more about regenerative and non-regenerative solvent recovery and other solutions for chemical emissions.
Coating & Laminating
We can handle difficult applications with our dryers and specialized coating lines.
Composites & Carbon Fiber
For thermoset composites and carbon fiber applications, use our pilot line for testing.
Our expertise includes coating lines for thin films, narrow and/or wide web widths.
Energy Storage
Energy Storage We have developed an innovative two-sided coating method in a horizontal fashion.
Ethanol & Biofuels
Reliable abatement solutions for treatment in corrosive, moisture-laden streams.
Multi-pollutant emissions control; complete system design; single-source supply.
Iron & Steel
Contact us about our evaporative gas cooling systems and air pollution control systems.
Complete lines for R&D, process development and product testing on our pilot line.
Mining & Metallurgical
We offer custom designed atomizing technologies and air pollution control systems.
Petrochemical & Refining
Gas cleaning equipment such as wet electrostatic precipitators and RTOs are available.
Regenerative carbon adsorption systems capture vapor-phase VOC and particulates.
Printing & Packaging
Drying and splicing and material handling systems for digital printing applications.
Pulp & Paper
Boiler MACT Requirements for particulate and SO2 removal include a wet electrostatic precipitator.
Waste to Energy
Waste-to-Energy Treatment of odorous air streams from waste management plants, RDF plants, syngas.
Wastewater Treatment
Custom-designed stripping columns and distillation towers for treatment of VOC.
Wood Products
Custom-designed stripping columns and distillation towers for treatment of VOC.