Gas Conditioning and Air Pollution Control Solutions for the Iron and Steel Industries

With years of experience providing reliable equipment to the iron and steel industry, B&W MEGTEC custom designs the most effective solutions to meet your gas conditioning and air pollution control requirements.

The SoniCool™ evaporative gas cooling and conditioning system uses a finely atomized water spray to cool EAF, BOF off-gases from over 2,400°F (1,315°C) to as low as 240°F (115°C), protecting ductwork and downstream air pollution control equipment from high temperature and sparks, while providing rapid cooling for dioxin and furan control. By optimizing humidity levels, SoniCool helps electrostatic precipitators. The water spray completely evaporates while cooling gases. There is no free water and no troublesome deposits in ducts, towers or hoppers. Turbotak rugged nozzles are made to the exact requirement, and ideally suited to the harsh conditions in the steel manufacturing process while still producing ultra-fine sprays, with precise control of dropsize and spray coverage.

SoniCool can be applied to EAF/BOF off-gas cooling, castor sprays, spark arrest, sintering and hot rolling applications.

B&W MEGTEC also provides upgrades or retrofits to existing systems. Our SoniCool system may be installed in the hot quench lower or BOF riser duct, but also can be in existing ductwork, whether vertical or horizontal.

For your emission control requirement, B&W MEGTEC offers the TurboSorb semi-dry scrubber and Turbotak wet scrubber for acid gas control, and the TurboVenturi scrubber and SonicKleen wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) for particulate control from your sintering, blast furnace, rooling, scarfing and coking applications.

B&W MEGTEC offers the SonicBURN waste fuel system to atomize almost any liquid fuel, from heavy tars to engine oil. Ideal for burning waste oil from coke processing as a by-product fuel in sinter plants, the SonicBURN system uses rugged, plug-resistant Turbotak atomizing nozzles to provide superior atomization for the cleanest burn possible.

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