Read more about B&W MEGTEC's customized solutions for your market or application:

Contact B&W MEGTEC today to discuss the specific ways B&W MEGTEC can help with your production equipment, compliance or energy-related application.

B&W MEGTEC is committed to working with their customers to provide best-value systems. While many suppliers can offer only a specific component, B&W MEGTEC has the process knowledge to understand your application from the process and production line to the end of pipe need for air pollution control.

We are a leading manufacturer of complete production lines for web materials, as well as individual equipment components:

  • complete specialized coating lines
  • lab coaters
  • flotation dryers and ovens
  • material handling equipment such as splicers, unwinds, rewinds, infeeds, web turning equipment

We also manufacture a broad range of environmental compliance and energy recovery solutions:

  • for regulatory compliance
  • for improvement in working environment and in neighbor relations by odor reduction
  • for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • for process energy management
  • for increased profitability and return on investment