Carbon Injection for Mercury, Dioxin and Furan Emissions

B&W MEGTEC provides powdered activated carbon (PAC) injection technology, a technically and commercially-proven approach for mercury and dioxin/furan emission reduction. We design and supply this type of activated carbon injection and integrate it with other B&W mercury control technologies, delivering the lowest operating cost system while staying compliant with mercury emission requirements.

B&W MEGTEC's evaporative gas cooling and conditioning systems are used to evaporate finely atomized water droplets to lower temperature and adjust particulate moisture for optimal removal. As the water droplets absorb heat, they evaporate completely, resulting in dry operation.

The system cools gas streams and can adjust the moisture content of a gas stream to a specific humidity. By quickly cooling below the critical re-formation temperature, the evaporative cooler reduces dioxin and furan formation in offgases.

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Activated Carbon Injection Systems
Our powdered activated carbon injection technology is proven for emissions reduction.
Evaporative Gas Cooling
Our system helps to protect downstream equipment, reduce gas volumes, and more.