MILLENNIUM Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer for VOC Control

The MILLENNIUM® Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) is an economical approach to clean air compliance incorporating two individual poppet valves in a 2-canister, single vessel design. The unique, compact system meets the needs of a wide variety of applications while providing efficiency and reliability at an affordable capital investment.

MILLENNIUM® RTO Specifications:

  • Flow capacity: 4,000 to 82,000 SCFM (6,000 to 130,000 Nm3/h)
  • VOC destruction efficiency: up to 98%
  • Thermal efficiency: up to 98%

Design Features and Performance Advantages:

  • Highly reliable poppet-style valves, built in a common manifold, reducing initial capital investment, installation and maintenance costs
  • Cost effective, robust ceramic heat exchange media with low resistance, which minimizes pressure drop for trouble-free operation and reduced electrical operating costs
  • Optional hot-side bypass system for high solvent load applications
  • Ceramic media bake-out cleaning for removal of organic deposits
  • Multiple fuel options such as natural gas, propane, butane, fuel oil and gaseous or liquid bio fuels
  • Thermal efficiency up to 98%. Even at relatively low solvent concentrations, the system can sustain thermal operation with the heat released during VOC oxidation
  • VOC destruction efficiencies of 98% as standard. Higher cleanup rates with an optional VOC capture system to meet stringent regulatory codes
  • Optional secondary heat recovery system for air, hot water, thermal oil or steam, electricity generation or adsorption cooling
  • Flexibility of installation whereby the units can be installed indoors, outside or on the roof
  • Heavy-duty construction and reinforced enclosure ensure dependable service

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