Multiclone® Dust Collector

B&W MEGTEC, through B&W and its affiliates, is the original manufacturer of Multiclone® dust collectors and replacement parts formerly offered by Western Precipitation. From the first rugged design developed in the 1930s to the more than 6,000 in operation today, our Multiclone dust collectors are designed for efficiency and durability.

Multiclone collectors can be applied to a variety of particulate sources or used as a pre-cleaner to lighten the dust load on a secondary collector.

The Multiclone collector’s cast iron collecting tubes wear longer than tubes manufactured from other materials. Special alloy collecting tubes and vanes are available for high temperature or severe erosion applications.

  • Minimal Labor Costs – collecting tubes and inlet vanes are easy to replace
  • Long-Lasting Collecting Tube Life – extra thick metal protects critical wear surfaces. Ni-Hard components are available for more abrasive dust
  • Reliable Operation – collecting tubes are vertically oriented with unrestricted discharges to prevent tube plugging
  • Simple Modular Construction – each module is rigid enough to stand unbraced before it is erected
  • Versatile Application – can be used as a pre-cleaner to lighten the dust load on a secondary collector. Can be applied to a variety of particulate sources.

Multiclone Dust Collector Design and Efficiency

The Multiclone dust collector design is the simplest and most efficient multiple tube cyclonic collector available. The system utilizes centrifugal action to separate dust from the gas stream. The particles then fall and are discharged from the bottom of the tube. Clean gas exits through the outlet at the collecting tube’s vertical centerline. Multiclone dust collectors can be used in many applications for a variety of industries, products and fuels.

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* Multiclone is a trademark of Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.