Particulate Control Solutions

B&W MEGTEC provides a wide range of particulate control solutions for the removal of particulate matter (PM) produced during the manufacturing process.

Our equipment solutions for particulate emissions include:

Wet Particulate Scrubbers

B&W MEGTEC's TurboVenturi scrubber will provide the low maintenance, high efficiency performance you need for handling:

  • High Temperatures
  • Heavy Dust Loading
  • Abrasive, Sticky, Difficult Particulate
The TurboVenturi scrubber is the standard for applications with high particulate loading. Its design ensures constant pressure drop, which equates to constant removal efficiency.

Wet ESPs

Our wet electrostatic precipitator technology provides high efficiency control of:

  • Submicron Particulate
  • Heavy Metals
  • Acid Mists and Fumes
The WESP offers process gas cleaning solutions at low capital and operating costs.

Adaptable to a wide variety of gas cleaning applications, wet electrostatic precipitators are especially effective at collecting sub-micron particles - regardless of the physical or chemical nature of collected material.

For manufacturers with existing air pollution control equipment, WESP upgrades draw praise from customers who are eliminating carryover and costly maintenance by utilizing B&W MEGTEC's patented designs. Improvements to T/R sets, water treatment, gas flow distribution and mist elimination provide:

  • Improved Performance
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Protection of Downstream Equipment

Dry ESPs

Our dry electrostatic precipitator (ESP) technology combines the advantages of maximum particulate collection efficiency with low operating costs and less maintenance. In addition to a proven record of performance and reliability, our dry ESP offers many distinct advantages, including:

  • High Collection Efficiency (often greater than 99%)
  • High Temperature Tolerability
  • Wide Capacity Range
  • Low Maintenance

Click here for more information about our 3-phase, low frequency T/R Power Supplies for Dry and Wet Electrostatic Precipitators.


Multiclone Dust Collectors

Our Multiclone dust collectors are simple in design, yet effective at collecting a variety of entrained dust for a wide range of industry applications. Each system is custom engineered to provide the most efficient dust removal.

The Multiclone Dust Collector features:

  • Long-Lasting Tube Life
  • Reliable Operation
  • Simple Modular Construction
  • Minimal Maintenance Costs

Pulse Jet Fabric Filters

Cost-effective control of particulate emissions and opacity is available with our proven pulse jet fabric filter technology. Through B&W and its affiliate, Joy Western Precipitation technology provides a lineage of industrial fabric filters dating from the 1930s. We have designed and installed fabric filters for a variety of industries.

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Dry Electrostatic Precipitators
Maximum particulate collection efficiency, low operating and maintenance costs.
Multiclone® Dust Collectors
Simple, yet rugged design, combined with efficiency and durability
Pulse Jet Fabric Filters (Baghouses)
Cost effective control of particulate emissions and opacity with proven technology.
Wet Electrostatic Precipitators (WESPs)
Proven technology for the reduction of acid mist and fine particulates for industry.
Wet Particulate Scrubbers
Our scrubber designs control emissions from many industrial process operations.