Parts and Technical Support Near You

B&W MEGTEC has parts technicians who can research your equipment records and determine what replacement or spare parts are required for your specific piece of equipment.  They can also advise upgrades and retrofits that have been developed for your machine. 

We have a global parts stocking and distribution network with inventory available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Australia • Canada • China • France • Germany • Sweden • United Kingdom

Replacement or spare parts are available for B&W MEGTEC equipment and B&W MEGTEC family predecessor companies:

Dryers, Ovens, Splicers:

  • TEC Systems
  • MEG
  • Thermo Wisconsin
  • Enkel/Amal
  • Ross Air Systems

Solvent Recovery, Distillation, Biological Systems:

  • Vara Technology
  • Sutcliffe Croftshaw
  • Sutcliffe Speakman

Scrubbers, Precipitators, Atomization, Evaporative Cooling Systems:

  • TurboSonic Technologies, Inc.


  • MEGTEC Systems, Inc.
  • Wolverine

For urgent parts or technical support in your region, click on “Contact” (for telephone contact information), and choose your region and the product you are inquiring about.

For non-urgent requests, please fill out the Request for Information form.

Preventive Maintenance
With a Preventive Maintenance program, your equipment productivity stays at optimum levels.
Upgrade Kits & Technical Bulletins
B&W MEGTEC offers upgrade kits for replacement of obsolete machine components for MEGTEC equipment, TEC Systems, MEG, Wolverine, Thermo Wisconsin, Vara, Sutcliffe Speakman, Sutcliffe Croftshaw, Ross Air, Turbosonic
Service & Support
B&W MEGTEC provides maintenance with customer care program and replacement parts/upgrades
Turnkey Services
B&W MEGTEC installation capabilities range from contractor supervision to complete turnkey installation on projects of all sizes.
Equipment Rebuilds
We offer upgrade and rebuild services to optimize productivity and extend your equipment life.
Process Energy Optimization
Improve your process operating efficiencies by analyzing energy usage.
Catalyst & Carbon Testing
When your catalyst or carbon needs replacement, turn to B&W MEGTEC and our inhouse testing capabilities.