Environmental Compliance Solutions for Petrochemical and Refining Applications

The application of VOC emission control equipment to the chemical and petrochemical industries requires a thorough knowledge and understanding of the customer’s process and requirements, and having the ability to offer custom solutions. B&W MEGTEC draws on longtime, global experience in finding solutions to support the chemical and petrochemical industries worldwide.

Durable regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) technology is at the core of our systems. B&W MEGTEC designs and engineers system solutions to meet your special requirements, ranging from energy-efficient treatment of dilute volatile organic compound (VOC) flows, such as tank ventilation, to demanding applications utilizing VOC energy for secondary heat recovery; for example, in the form of process streams. This can include pre- and tail gas treatment systems, and could handle hazardous components such as sulphurous or chlorinated hydrocarbons. For special requirements, we can offer FTO (flameless thermal oxidation) and we can design systems operating safely on oxygen contents below 5%.

B&W MEGTEC has pioneered the RTO technology with secondary heat recovery and has a reference base for various heat recovery options. Many of our RTO models operate self-sustained with no fuel usage, meeting both demanding VOC clean-up requirements as well as the need for economical operation. Such system solutions eliminate secondary emissions from the oxidizer itself, with the added potential of reducing emissions from other accessories such as boilers.

  • Fluid catalytic cracking units (FCCUs)
  • Flexicoking: coke handling and heater overhead
  • Oil-fired generator/boiler
  • Petroleum coke calciner
  • Petrochemical steam generator
  • SAGD steam generator
  • Waste oil incinerator

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