Environmental Compliance Solutions for Pharmaceutical Industries

B&W MEGTEC has provided environmental compliance solutions to the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries for many years. Our carbon adsorption systems, both regenerative and non-regenerative, are used to capture vapor-phase emissions of VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) solvents from solvent-using processes. The benefits of using a regenerative system are to mitigate air pollution and save on operating costs by recovering and reusing expensive or large quantities of solvent.

B&W MEGTEC also provides stand-alone distillation systems to purify waste water to make it suitable for disposal, eliminating high disposal costs, or to separate solvents and purify them.

B&W MEGTEC thermal oxidizers have been used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry for abatement of vapor-phase VOC emissions. Thermal oxidizers of single or multiple bed design, and direct thermal oxidizers, are used in batch processing, tablet coating, primary and secondary pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical processes.

Our supply and installation scope has included turnkey scope such as vent collection systems, vent conditioning with LEL dilution control, pre and post oxidation scrubbing with packed tower and venturi scrubbers for acid gas removal. Also included are flame arrestors, explosion-relief particulate removal, CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems), with the associated project HazOp SIL reviews, and project documentation packages that this market often demands.

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