Preventive Maintenance

B&W MEGTEC's Preventive Maintenance (PM) Services gives you right-from-the-source expertise. Our factory-trained technicians are skilled in maintaining and upgrading your equipment. From dryers to oxidizers to auxiliary equipment made by B&W MEGTEC or other manufacturers, we can ensure your equipment is operating at maximum efficiency.

Minimizes downtime. B&W MEGTEC's Preventive Maintenance Program offers the best insurance against equipment breakdown. Your productivity level stays at optimum levels.

Ensures peak performance of equipment. With gas and electrical costs rising, a trained B&W MEGTEC service technician will look at ways you can save money. Annual adjustments and balances of dampers can help reduce your energy costs. Ask us about our Energy Audit Program.

Regulatory requirements. If you are affected by environmental requirements, proper calibration and documentation of thermocouples and instrumentation is a requirement in many states. The documentation requires the permit holder to show that they are doing maintenance in a manner which provides added assurance of continued compliance.

Frees in-house personnel maintenance staff for other tasks. Many companies do not have the luxury of a dedicated in-house equipment maintenance staff. Let B&W MEGTEC be an extension of your staff by providing maintenance and repairs during planned equipment downtime.

Product Upgrades. B&W MEGTEC representatives keep your equipment up to date and running with the latest technologies and improvements in product components along with safety upgrades.

Contact B&W MEGTEC today and schedule your Preventive Maintenance service.