Pulse Jet Fabric Filter for Particulate Control

B&W MEGTEC provides cost-effective control of particulate emissions and opacity with our proven pulse jet fabric filter technology. Through B&W and its affiliates, the Joy Western Precipitation technology provides a lineage of industrial fabric filters dating from the 1930s. We have designed and installed fabric filters for a variety of industries including steel, cement, incineration and power generation.

Through our innovative technologies, we have provided some of the lowest emission fabric filters in the world. Integrating fabric filters with our sorbent injection and FGD technologies also provides low HAP emissions in a variety of applications.

Technology Features and Benefits:

  • Long Bag Technology - reduces footprint, field construction time and costs. Allows for fewer anciliary components and reduced emissions.
  • Integral Gas and Dust Distribution Devices - for even distribution of gas flow and particulate over the full bag height. Also minimizes mechanical pressure losses.
  • Enhanced Pulse System Design - improves cleaning efficiency, reduces pressure loss, reduces compressed air use and power consumption, increases bag life.
  • On-line Maintenance System - with multiple gas-tight compartments, forced outages for fabric filter maintenance are reduced, and clean-side maintenance minimizes personnel exposure to flyash and sorbents.
  • Door Configurations - provide design flexibility to address site-specific arrangement, operation and maintenance requirements including lift-off compartment doors and walk-in plenum style doors.
  • Modular Design for Ease of Construction - lowers install cost, reduces project lead time through shop modularization. For larger gas flow applications, two piece shop assembled split compartments may be provided.
  • Optional By-Pass - minimizes impact to filter media due to excursions or abnormal operating conditions.

Pulse jet technology provides owners with the flexible operation and control to maximize availability while minimizing maintenance costs and particulate emissions.

Contact us today to find out details of how a fabric filter (baghouse) system can provide low HAP emissions with reduced footprint.