B&W MEGTEC Research and Development Center

B&W MEGTEC has a research and development center located in De Pere, Wisconsin, USA, that includes:

Laboratory pilot line available for customers to test, develop and improve processes with our coating and drying capabilities. Customers are able to evaluate system variables to optimize their product performance or help in the development of new products and processes.

Analytic lab for testing of catalyst performance, BET surface area, bake-out and particulate characterization, as well as ink oil content and characterization.

Pilot distillation system available for testing feed stocks to determine feasibility of separation or purity attainment. With this information, we can generate data for full-scale system design.

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Analytical Lab Test Services
We offer catalyst performance and carbon testing, bake-outs and particulate characterization.
Laboratory Pilot Testing Services
Our pilot line is available for customers to test, develop and improve processes.