Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers for VOC Abatement

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) from B&W MEGTEC provide efficiency and effective VOC control for a wide range of processes.

Regenerative thermal oxidizers offer superior heat recovery characteristics versus any other oxidation system. Thermal oxidizers use recovered energy to pre-heat incoming process air to oxidation temperatures. This significantly lowers overall operating costs. A regenerative thermal oxidizer is particularly effective for process streams with low solvent loading.

B&W MEGTEC offers regenerative thermal oxidizer solutions designed to meet your specific application need. Operating costs and footprint are both minimized while high destruction rates ensure that you meet your compliance targets.

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The CLEANSWITCH RTO is an energy saving, modular oxidizer with patented switch valve.
The EPSILON RTO is a modularized multi-canister oxidizer with flexible design for many applications.
The MILLENNIUM RTO is an economical solution for clean air compliance, in a compact design.
The B&W VOCSIDIZER is a single-bed, flameless RTO in a compact, modular design with low operating costs.