Zero Speed Splicers

B&W MEGTEC offers printers and publishers zero-speed splicers for splicing of pre-printed rolls in register.

The B&W MEGTEC SE automatic zero-speed splicer allows printers to maintain optimum press performance. The versatile design of the B&W MEGTEC SE zero-speed splicer provides improved quality.

SE Zero-Speed Splicer Specifications

Zero-speed splicer with reel shafts for single-wide newspaper and semi-commercial heatset applications

  • Web Width: 1020 mm (40”)
  • Maximum reel diameter: 1270 mm (50”)
  • Roll weight: 1135 to 1587 kg (2500 to 3500 lbs)
  • Maximum speed: 6.6 to 7.6 m/s (1300 to 1500 fpm)

Design Features and Benefits of the SE Splicer

  • Highly responsive web tension control
  • Minimal core waste
  • Innovative automatic splice trigger
  • Accurate web tension control
  • Dual unwind
  • Accommodates two full rolls of paper

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