Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction Systems (SNCR) for NOx Removal

Ammonia or urea solutions are injected into the hot gas to chemically reduce the NO and NO2 (NOx) into clean nitrogen gas and water.

The TurboNOx Selective Non Catalytic Reduction (SCNR) systems feature high efficiency, wear and plug resistant Turbotak nozzles. Turbotak nozzles are designed for optimal drop size and spray coverage in the critical temperature zone, for better NOx reduction while saving on reagent consumption.

Custom designed and engineered to meet your requirements, B&W MEGTEC offers a complete scope of supply including Turbotak atomizing nozzles and lances for aqueous ammonia/urea injection, unloading stations and handling equipment, automated controls, pumps, process design and CFD modeling.

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