Spray Dry Absorber (SDA) for Acid Gas Control

B&W MEGTEC TurboSonic’s TurboSorb Spray Dryer Absorbing (SDA) scrubbing process reduces SO2, SO3, HCl and HF acid gases by the injection of alkali based slurries, most commonly calcium-based, lime slurry.

The reagent slurry absorbs and neutralizes the acid gases as the liquid evaporates through the scrubber vessel. The reacted products are removed at the bottom of the spray dryer vessel and from the fabric filter, as a dry dust, easy to handle and dispose of, eliminating the need for any water treatment system. Unlike “wet” systems, there is no liquid waste stream generated.

The TurboSorb Spray Dryer Absorber is used in industries such as hazardous waste incineration, and municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration, power generation, cement, and metals production.

The TurboSorb SDA system can often be retrofitted into existing quench towers, or we may supply the complete system, including the optimally designed spray dryer vessel, which then can be optimally designed for most efficient operation.

Design Advantages:

  • Greater than 90% SO2 and HCl removal – simultaneously
  • No wastewater to treat
  • Dry scrubber vessel and discharge equipment
  • Primarily carbon steel construction – no special alloys or materials required
  • No effluent scaling issues or sludge buildup
  • Wear and plug-resistant Turbotak air atomizing nozzles for high efficiency atomizing and controlled, fine dropsizes
  • Turbotak nozzles can be maintained while on-line, without impacting scrubber operation
  • Largest turndown ratio with minimal impact to process gas flow
  • Low system pressure drop
  • Fully open design

Contact B&W MEGTEC to find out how the B&W MEGTEC TurboSonic TurboSorb Spray Dryer Absorber System will help reduce your SO2 and HCl acid gases.