Upgrade Kits & Technical Bulletins

Your equipment has given you years of excellent support, but in many cases, the machine outlives its parts. B&W MEGTEC has developed a wide range of replacement parts kits to support your equipment where original components may now be obsolete. To increase the reliability of your equipment, B&W MEGTEC recommends that you proactively upgrade your equipment to current standards.

In addition to upgrade kits for replacement of obsolete components, B&W MEGTEC also has kits available for consumable parts that match your equipment size and needs

Upgrade and Technical bulletins are available for B&W MEGTEC equipment and B&W MEGTEC family predecessor companies.  Check the list of bulletins. If you do not see an upgrade bulletin for your machine, please contact us at info@megtec.com or fill out the Request for Information form, or contact your MEGTEC regional office.

  • TEC Systems: Dryers and Ovens
  • Wolverine: Oxidizers
  • MEG:  Dryers, Splicers and Pasters
  • Thermo Wisconsin: Dryers, Ovens, Thermal Oxidizers
  • KATEC: Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers
  • Enkel / Amal: Splicers and Pasters
  • Vara Technology: Solvent Recovery & Distillation Equipment
  • Sutcliffe Croftshaw: Solvent Recovery & Distillation Equipment
  • Sutcliffe Speakman: Solvent Recovery & Biological Treatment Equipment
  • Ross Air Systems: Dryers and Ovens
  • TurboSonic: Gas Cleaning and Conditioning Equipment
  • Sonic Development: Dust Collection Systems
  • Western Precipitation:  Wet ESP
  • Joy Western: Wet and Dry ESP, Scrubbers
  • Joy Environmental: Wet ESP
Auxiliary Equipment
Click here for upgrade bulletins for chill stands, infeeds, rewinders, air turns, and other press auxiliary equipment.
Click here for upgrade bulletins for Coanda, Dual-Dry, Megair, Phazer, Legend air flotation, roll support and other dryer models.
Click here for upgrade bulletins for Cleanswitch, Enterprise, Millennium, Magnum, Quantum, Spectrum and other oxidizer models.
Click here for upgrade bulletins for Enkel/Amal models, MEG models, AR, Butler and other splicer models.