Upgrade Kits & Technical Bulletins

Your equipment has given you years of excellent support, but in many cases, the machine outlives its parts. B&W MEGTEC has developed a wide range of replacement parts kits to support your equipment where original components may now be obsolete. To increase the reliability of your equipment, B&W MEGTEC recommends that you proactively upgrade your equipment to current standards.

In addition to upgrade kits for replacement of obsolete components, B&W MEGTEC also has kits available for consumable parts that match your equipment size and needs

Upgrade and Technical bulletins are available for B&W MEGTEC equipment and B&W MEGTEC family predecessor companies.  Check the list of bulletins. If you do not see an upgrade bulletin for your machine, please contact us at info@megtec.com or fill out the Request for Information form, or contact your MEGTEC regional office.


  • Dryers
  • Oxidizers
  • Splicers/Pasters
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • TEC Systems: Dryers and Ovens
  • Wolverine: Oxidizers
  • MEG:  Dryers, Splicers and Pasters
  • Thermo Wisconsin: Dryers, Ovens, Thermal Oxidizers
  • KATEC: Thermal Recuperative Oxidizers
  • Enkel / Amal: Splicers and Pasters
  • Vara Technology: Solvent Recovery & Distillation Equipment
  • Sutcliffe Croftshaw: Solvent Recovery & Distillation Equipment
  • Sutcliffe Speakman: Solvent Recovery & Biological Treatment Equipment
  • Ross Air Systems: Dryers and Ovens
  • TurboSonic: Gas Cleaning and Conditioning Equipment
  • Sonic Development: Dust Collection Systems
  • Western Precipitation:  Wet ESP
  • Joy Western: Wet and Dry ESP, Scrubbers
  • Joy Environmental: Wet ESP