VOC and Particulate Control Systems

Many industrial processes discharge HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or CO (carbon monoxide).

B&W MEGTEC provides turnkey solutions for VOC/HAPs destruction, CO reduction and/or solvent recovery technologies.


Solvent Recovery Systems:

  • Regenerative carbon adsorption, combined with:
    • concentrator systems
    • condensation systems

Wet Scrubbers:

  • Spray, Tray & Packed Towers

Adsorption Systems:

  • Molecular sieves
  • Zeolite

Biological Abatement:

  • Bioreactors/bioscrubbers

Contact B&W MEGTEC today to talk with a technology expert for VOC, CO and HAPs control for industrial manufacturing processes.

We offer a wide range of solutions including regenerative and recuperative thermal and catalytic oxidizers.
Solvent Recovery Systems
We offer regenerative activated carbon adsorption, condensation, scrubbing systems.
Wet Scrubbers
Our scrubber technologies are designed for acid gas streams.
Adsorption Systems
In addition to regenerative carbon adsorption, non-regenerable adsorption systems are available.
Biological Abatement Systems
Bioreactors and bioscrubbers ideal for certain applications with mixed solvents.