Environmental Compliance Solutions for Wastewater Treatment Applications

Many industrial and pharmaceutical processes generate wastewater with volatile contaminants that increase the COD and BOD to a point where discharging to municipal wastewater is very costly or not an option. These contaminants can be removed from the water by distillation, substantially lowering the disposal cost, and, in many cases, the removed components can be further purified and reused in the process.

B&W MEGTEC offers the following solutions to remove the volatile contaminants and make wastewater suitable for discharge to most municipal wastewater treatment plants:

  • Stripping columns using direct steam or a reboiler
  • Distillation columns using indirect steam heat sources

Our technologies have been applied to a range of processes including wastewater treatment from industries such as Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Chemical and Petrochemical.

B&W MEGTEC's custom-designed wastewater systems can remove and recover a wide range of solvents including:

  • Ammonia
  • Hydrocarbons (aromatic and aliphatic)
  • Ketones
  • Alcohols

Distillation columns can be used to remove volatile components much more economically than liquid phase oxidation systems. B&W MEGTEC can utilize an in-house pilot distillation system configured as a stripping column to run testing/feasibility studies on challenging applications.

Contact us and our experts will tell you about ways we can help with your application.