Wet Electrostatic Precipitator for Particulate Control

Through our affiliation with B&W and its ownership of Joy Western, Fluid Ionics and the FLS wet electrostatic precipitator technologies, we have nearly a century of experience with wet ESPs. Reference installations in sulfuric acid plants (oil, coal, petroleum, petroleum coke and waste-fired boilers, glass furnaces, steel mills, wood product dryers, metallurgical smelters, incinerators and gasifiers), confirm our position as a leader in wet electrostatic precipitator technology.

Technology Features and Benefits:

  • Modular Construction - reduces field construction and labor costs
  • Low Pressure Drop and Reliable Designs - reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • Ultra-Low Particulate Emissions
  • Hazardous Air Pollutant Reduction

Our Wet ESPs (WESPs) can be designed with plate or tubular geometry (round and hexagonal), and may be either vertical (upflow or downflow) or horizontal flow, depending on your application requirements.

B&W MEGTEC has total system capability for integration with other pollution control products and devices including thermal oxidizers, acid gas absorbers and particulate scrubbers.

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