Particulate Scrubber for Industrial Emissions Control

Wet particulate scrubbers can be used to separate particulate from a flue gas stream, thereby reducing particulate emissions. B&W MEGTEC offers wet particulate scrubbers, including B&W’s Turbulaire® and Microdyne scrubber designs and the TurboVenturi scrubber to control emissions from many industrial process operations, including combustion, chemical, mining and metallurgical.

TurboVenturi Scrubber

The TurboVenturi Scrubber is a high efficiency particulate removal device. Its design ensures constant pressure drop, which equates to constant removal efficiency. The TurboVenturi scrubber's refined de-watering ability ensures virtually no liquid drop carryover - a crucial advance in view of today's stringent requirements, where a small amount of liquid carryover can adversely affect emission test results or downstream equipment.

Type D Turbulaire Scrubbers

The Type D Turbulaire Scrubber is used where dust particle sizing and process conditions require low energy inputs. These energy requirements are below the range in which the collecting mechanisms of conventional venture scrubbers begin to take full effect.

  • Turbulent Sump Design – eliminates solid buildup with higher slurry concentrations
  • Vertical Flow Design – minimizes floor space Low energy input – reduces operating horsepower
  • Adjustable Peripheral Nozzle – can accommodate changes in process conditions

Type V Turbulaire Scrubbers

The Type V Turbulaire Scrubber is used in applications with submicron dust particles or when extremely high collection efficiencies are required.

  • Flooded Venture Section – high collection efficiency of submicron particles
  • No Spray Nozzles – higher concentration of recirculating slurries
  • Completely Welted Cone – eliminates wet-dry interface and dust buildup
  • Adjustable Throat Venture – can accommodate changes in process conditions
  • Flooded Elbow – eliminates abrasion problems

Compact Microdyne Scrubber

The Compact Microdyne Scrubber can be part of the ventilation or duct system, saving valuable space.

  • Compact Design – saves valuable space Low liquid-to-gas ratios – less process equipment required
  • All Parts Readily Accessible – easy maintenance

Turbulaire designs are proven, simple, reliable and economical. The scrubber mixes the air or gas stream with a liquid medium, entrapping the material to be collected in the liquid. Flexibility in space needs and efficiency make Turbulaire scrubbers excellent add-on units, especially for already tight plant layouts. Each scrubber model can be adapted to meet virtually any corrosion problem. Turbulaire scrubbers are often used in conjunction with other collection equipment.

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*Turbulaire is a trademark of Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.