Environmental Compliance Solutions for Wood Products Manufacturing

B&W MEGTEC is a leader in providing regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) for VOC control for products such as OSB, MDF, SYP, plywood, particleboard, wood pelletizing and other engineered wood products, with particular expertise in solving the problems of media plugging and alkali attack associated with wood dryer exhaust.

With thousands of systems installed worldwide in many process industries, B&W MEGTEC has the knowledge to provide you with the best solution for your specific needs. B&W MEGTEC’s designs are modular and cleanable, using alkali-resistant ceramics and corrosion-resistant materials of construction.

B&W MEGTEC’s commitment to the wood products industry is proven with the availability of a pilot unit RTO for testing slip-streams of your process to determine the optimal pre-filtration (cyclone, EFB, ESP or WESP) and RTO bed design.

With our extensive air handling experience, we can also provide services to reduce fugitive emissions, control process exhaust flow rates, and improve the efficiency of your VOC capture systems.

The wood products industry relies on our technologies for effective remove of fumes & sticky particulate from energy systems, dryers and press vents. Our systems are designed for minimum maintenance while allowing the user to meet stringent emissions regulations, including the U.S. EPA MACT rules.

The SonicKleen™ WESP removes sub-micron particulate (including back half salts, tar-pitch and fiber) and fumes from dryer and energy system gas streams. The vertical down flow, hex-shaped tube design delivers the best combination of removal efficiency, low maintenance, low-pressure drop and small footprint. The TurboVenturi Scrubber and the Turbotak Atomizing Scrubber provide gas stream saturation and high efficiency front and back half particulate removal as a stand-alone or in front of the WESP.

B&W MEGTEC's Engineering Services group can provide rebuild services to facilities wanting to upgrade or modify their existing equipment. A typical modification would be rebuilding an RTO into an RCO. A recent rebuild from existing RTO to RCO resulted in the unit not only conforming with EPA guidelines, the unit also meets the plant’s permit levels at an operating temperature below the previous RCO operating set point temperature. Thus, the rebuild restored environmental performance and reduced operating costs.

B&W MEGTEC's WESP upgrades bring facilities with existing air pollution control equipment into compliance. These upgrades are eliminating carryover and costly maintenance by utilizing MEGTEC TurboSonic’s patented and proprietary solutions. Improvements to T/R sets, water treatment systems, gas flow distribution and mist elimination improve performance, reduce operating costs and protect downstream equipment.

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